BEAUFORT GLOBAL PARTNERS is a leading investment, development and asset management firm, with  focus in hospitality real estate for hotels, resorts, commercial, residential, infrastructure, master development, mixed-use and governmental initiatives. Founded in Dubai, UAE it has over the many years established relationships of trust at the highest levels of government as well as public sector enterprise for execution of global mandates on results-oriented delivery.

Beaufort Investments focus on asset optimization offers our investor clients a 360° approach to manage their investments, finances and wealth for tailor-made solutions to support and realize their business strategy.

Our foundation is in our fiduciary duties to represent ownership’s best interest, drive value and investment returns of a single asset or asset portfolio to increase owner’s equity and value.


At Beaufort Development we are driven to deliver outstanding quality to our valued clients and partners. Beaufort Development capabilities cover the full life cycle of development utilizing the collective knowledge and various resources of our seasoned senior executive leadership.

Beaufort Trade Investments focus is on bridging and supporting relationships of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for governments, institutions, companies or individuals of one country and their business & commercial interests in another country.


At BEAUFORT, we take great pride in nurturing trusted long term relationships and creating new ones with our clients and partners whether it be government agencies, investors, developers, institutions or operators. Our professional associations, connections and networks reflect our core values and commitment to excellence.